About A Reinvented Mom

ARM profile7Welcome to A Reinvented Mom!  I’m Lori, married to the Hubby and Mom to two teenagers (The Girl & The Boy). We count ourselves lucky to live in the beautiful Colorado mountains.  I love trying new recipes I’ve found on the internet (almost always tweaking them a bit), searching for the best deals and hanging out with my family.

I discovered coupons about 4 years ago when our family was experiencing a rough patch.  Coupons were just what I needed at that point in my life.  I was able to reduce our grocery bill from $1000-1200 per month to $400 per month – huge savings!   Of course a considerable amount of time and effort is required to realize savings that high – time spent clipping and organizing coupons, locating the best deals, compiling shopping lists, shopping multiple stores, storing and organizing your stockpile, etc. Today, I have branched out and look for additional ways to save money.  I am amazed at how many savings opportunities are available in other areas – you just need to look for them.  And most of these opportunities require very little effort.  I also try to balance the time investment with the savings amount.  I may not be getting the absolute best price on every grocery item,  but I am alright with that as my time is valuable, too.  I also figure savings in other areas will help balance everything in the end.

I look forward to sharing my best recipes, tips and deals with you!  Hopefully we can all save a little money!

A Reinvented Mom