Ten Goals for 2016: Month 1

In an attempt to cross some big items off my list, I am putting my ten goals for 2016 out to the universe (and you).

I have mixed results in keeping New Year’s Resolutions.  Maybe I have a block when it comes to the word “resolution”.  Sounds so final, doesn’t it?  And difficult to achieve.
Rather than resolutions, I prefer to set a few goals for the year.  I find I am more likely to accomplish (or at least make some progress) when I set goals vs. resolutions. Doesn’t the word “goals” sound much more achievable?

Hopefully sharing my ten goals for 2016 will give me the motivation I need to start making progress in these areas.  You can follow along as I share how I am accomplishing my goals.  I will also post progress updates monthly.

Ten Goals for 2016 | A Reinvented Mom

1.  Clean out the garage.

I’d love to park my car in the garage (it’s a novel concept, I know).  Last October we moved into our current home.  After the initial excitement of unpacking and setting up our new home, progress came to a screeching halt.  The garage is currently being used as a storage catch-all for a multitude of boxes, gear and who knows what else. The photo above tells the tale (keeping it real).

2.  Purge 10 items per week.

Simply stated, we have too much “stuff”, some of which has been packed away for over 2 years.  When we moved from a 2400 sq. ft. home to a tiny 1050 sq. ft. home 2/12 years ago, we purged quite a bit (but not enough).  Much of our furniture and personal items were placed in storage.  In addition to a garage full of boxes (see Goal #1), we have more items in a small storage space at our office.  While we are living in a larger home and could likely accommodate most of these items, I would like to sift through all the crap that has been packed away to see if we can lighten our load.  As I work my way through the boxes, I will earmark items to keep, donate and sell.  Money made from selling items will be put aside for the vacation fund.

3.  Save $1000 by the end of the year.

I plan to achieve this goal by saving a set amount of money per month.  Holiday presents, entertaining and having kids on Christmas break can be expensive.  By saving throughout the year, my budget won’t take a hit when the holidays roll around. I can assure you it feels wonderful to pay cash for these budget busters.

4.  Organize my photos.

I currently have over 2000 photos stored on my phone (seriously!).  I need to transfer and backup my photos to a more secure and organized storage method.  After the initial organization, I would like to set up a schedule to do this at least monthly so my photos are safely stored and not subject to loss due to a technology failure.

5.  Make a desk area.

Without an obvious desk area in my home, it’s been a struggle to stay organized.  This goal needs to be a priority as it’s frustrating not having a dedicated work space.

6.  Maintain a grocery budget of $600 per month.

The grocery budget has been out of control the past few months.  With work slowing down over the winter, it’s time to rein in the spending.  While $600 per month may seem like a lot to budget for groceries, I am feeding 2 starving wolves teenagers (and friends sometimes).  Additionally, I live in a rural resort area and groceries are expensive here.

7.  Take more photos.

A I was reviewing all the photos on my phone (see Goal #4), it dawned on me that somewhere along the line I started slacking on taking photos.  I have noticed it’s more difficult (almost impossible!) to take photos of my kids now that they are teens.  With just a few short years left at home I need to make more of an effort to take photos.

8.  Finish decorating our home.

This is a tough one – I don’t enjoy the decorating process and the hubby hates to put holes in the wall.  As The Girl would say, the struggle is real, people.

9.  Two hours of personal time per week.

While setting aside time to do something enjoyable can be difficult when you are juggling kids and work, I do believe it’s important to schedule a little “me time”.

10.  Private goal.

While I most likely won’t be sharing details of this goal as it’s very personal, I would love to wrap up this project this year (it’s time to just get it done).

Do you set goals or resolutions each year?  What tips do you have to help accomplish your goals?  I’d love to hear your resolutions/goals and how you plan to accomplish them.

Ten Goals for 2016 | A Reinvented Mom

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