Using Your Bountiful Basket – 9/20/14 Distribution

I received another awesome basket today.  While I’m sad to say goodbye to all the yummy summer produce we’ve been enjoying, I am ready for all that the Fall growing season has to offer.  Please tell me I’m not the only one excited about the new crop apples (I am hoping we will be able to order cases of Honeycrisp and Junami again this Fall and Winter).  I did get the case of Galas this week and they are awesome!

Using Your Bountiful Basket 9-21-14 Distribution

Now comes the fun part – deciding what to make with all this awesome produce. Don’t despair if you didn’t get a basket this week or don’t have Bountiful Baskets in your area.  You can still use these recipes with produce you purchased at the farmer’s market or grocery store – it’s all in season now, readily available and prices out very well.

I have compiled a list of 12 recipes using Conventional basket ingredients.  If you’ve never had pomegranate before (or struggle getting the seeds out), you will want to check out the You Tube video for an easy, no fuss way to remove the seeds.  These recipes include family favorites and other recipes I would like to try. Hopefully you’ll want to try a few, too.  Click on the colored recipe title to link directly to the recipes.

CONVENTIONAL BASKET RECIPES:  I had the following items in my basket this week:  Granny Smith apples, bananas, red peppers, blueberries, carrots, celery, kale, leaf lettuce, honeydew, plums, pomegranate and grape tomatoes.  So much awesome produce to consume this week!
Hashbrowns, Spinach & Tomato Pie – use your grape tomatoes.
How To Seed A Pomegranate (no water needed) – I love pomegranates but hate the mess.  This method actually works.
5 Ingredient Pear Pomegranate Salsa – you could probably sub Granny Smith apples for the pears in this dish.
Plum Kuchen – Yum – just yum!
Honeydew Blueberry Salad – looks pretty & sounds refreshing with the lime.
Simple Lettuce Salad – sometimes the simpler recipes are the best.
Kale Asian Pear Salad – The dressing sounds fantastic!
Apple Cheese Wraps – great idea for an after-school snack or snacky dinner.
Classic Homemade Applesauce – Lindsay at Pinch of Yum shares her Grandma’s recipe – yum!
Carrot Oat Muffins – this recipe uses less sugar and oil than most recipes I’ve seen.
The Best Banana Bread – this is my son’s favorite banana bread (I don’t use the frosting/filling).
Healthy Stuffed Pepper Soup – I can’t wait to try this healthier version of a favorite soup.
Crunchy Pear Celery Salad – I bet this would be good with apples if you don’t have pears.

LUNCHBOX PACK RECIPES:  I posted links to quite a few Lunchbox Pack recipes HERE and HERE.

What are your favorite basket recipes this week?  Please share in the comments – I love to try new recipes!

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  1. I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate these posts! It really helps to see what kind of ideas other people have about using their baskets, because sometimes I just look at a fruit or veggie and think “what the heck am I gonna do with this?!?”

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