Pantry Challenge – Day 2

I’m participating in a two week Pantry Challenge with Good Cheap Eats.  I do this to use what we have on hand, reduce waste and hopefully save a little money.  Contrary to what my Teens will think at the end of the Challenge, I am NOT doing this to torture my family.   You can view […]

Pantry Challenge – Day 1

It’s time for another Pantry Challenge with Good Cheap Eats.    Even though I’ve participated in the Challenge several times, I’m always excited to start anew.  This is in direct contrast to how I feel at the end of the Challenge when provisions are low and I have to be more creative to come up […]

Monday Menus – July 7, 2014

A couple of things came into play as I planned my Menu for this week.  First, it looks like we will have high temperatures all week – we are entering the one month of the year that I wish we had air conditioning.  That means my Monday Menu this week will focus on meals cooked […]


Yesterday I shared information about Bountiful Baskets, the co-op I use for produce purchases.  You can find Part One HERE.   Today I am sharing a little more detailed information on the actual baskets and the participation level that works best for me at this time.  Keep in mind you can select your own participation level […]


When I first started using coupons, I was disappointed at how difficult it was to find good deals on fresh produce. With the exception of an occasional coupon, the best way for me to maximize my grocery dollars was to purchase produce on sale. Purchasing sale produce is generally a good idea, as it tends […]