How to Throw the Ultimate Budget Graduation Party

Throwing a budget graduation party is the perfect way to honor your graduate without breaking the bank.

We’ll dive into how to throw a graduation party that everyone’s excited about, including your wallet.

For those on an extreme budget, consider something like a potluck or invite just a few people for a more intimate celebration.

How to set a Budget for a Graduation Party


For smaller budgets, consider doing a mid-day dessert bar, light appetizers or a breakfast/brunch party.

Choose a Type of Party


Your home may seem like an easy choice. It’s free and the least amount of hassle, but consider your space.

Select a Budget Graduation Party Venue


Use a free electronic invite service, like Evite, to send out invitations. You can also use Facebook Events to get the word out.

Send out the Invites


Save money by setting a smaller menu, such as one or two main dishes with two sides and a few snacks.

Choosing Delicious, Budget-Friendly Eats


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