How to Plan an Amazing Road Trip with Teens & Tweens

Planning a road trip with teens and tweens is a great way to see the country (or its neighbors) and spend quality time as a family.

Take the stress out of your getaway with these long road trip tips geared towards families with older kids.

Nothing kills a fun road trip vibe faster than an uncomfortable teenager. Encourage your older kids to dress comfortably for the journey.

Plan for Comfort


Road trip food can make or break your experience. Be prepared to stock up on snacks and drinks for the whole family.

Don’t Forget About the Food!


Give your teens some independence, and teach them about budgets on your next road trip.

Give Them a Budget


Entertainment on the road is essential because boredom in the car is guaranteed to yield cranky teenagers.

Fun Things to Do on a Long Car Ride


Plan to stop every 3-4 hours for the best road trip experience. This gives everyone a chance to get out and stretch, and it breaks the monotony.

Stop Regularly for Breaks


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