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How To Prepare Whole Butternut Squash in the Slow Cooker | A Reinvented Mom
How To Prepare Whole Butternut Squash In The Slow Cooker
Prep Time
5 mins
Cook Time
4 hrs
Total Time
4 hrs 5 mins

Slow Cooker Butternut Squash - no cutting, no peeling. This is quite possibly one of the easiest recipes you will ever prepare.

Course: Side Dish
Cuisine: American
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Servings: 8
Calories: 12 kcal
Author: Lori @ AReinventedMom.com
  • 1 whole butternut squash
  • 1 tbsp butter optional
  • 1/2 tsp nutmeg optional
  1. Select a squash that will fit in your slow cooker (this is really important!).

  2. Wash the squash. Wrap in a double layer of foil and place in slow cooker.

  3. Cook on high for 4-5 hours or low for 6-7 hours. Actual time will vary based on the size of your squash and performance of your slow cooker. 

  4. Test for doneness by inserting a sharp knife into the foil-wrapped squash. The knife should enter the squash without any resistance.

  5. Be very careful removing the squash from the slow cooker - it's hot & unstable. Place on cutting board, unwrap and discard foil.

  6. Cut the squash in half lengthwise. Remove the seeds & discard. Scrape out the squash with a spoon.

  7. Serving suggestion:  serve with a little butter and nutmeg for an easy side dish.

  8. Store cooked squash in a covered container in the refrigerator.

Nutrition Facts
How To Prepare Whole Butternut Squash In The Slow Cooker
Amount Per Serving (1 cup)
Calories 12 Calories from Fat 9
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 1g 2%
Cholesterol 3mg 1%
Sodium 12mg 1%
Vitamin A 1.2%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.