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Are you a busy mom of older kids? Do you dream of easy recipes and amazing (and affordable) holiday celebrations? Then you’ve come to the right place!

If you’ve got picky eaters I can relate. My kids have very different food preferences (one loves meat but not veggies, the other loves veggies but not meat – you get the idea), so I understand the challenge of finding dishes the entire family will enjoy. 

Or maybe you’ve tried making dinnertime a priority but you just wish it was easier. Or you feel that if only you had easier recipes or a better plan, you could provide a nourishing meal for your family to enjoy.

From delicious meals that won’t break the bank to fun ways to celebrate special occasions and holidays, I have what you need to make life easier. Join me for the best in family-friendly recipes, meal planning and more!

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Hi, I’m Lori

As the Founder and Content Creator at A Reinvented Mom I provide busy parents with easy recipes to feed their families. I want to help you get dinner on the table fast so you can get rid of the guilt of serving your family fast food dinners.

You’ll find a variety of recipes here, from the ones I grew up eating in the Midwest to easy weeknight dinners and simple holiday recipes. And I have a fondness obsession with air fryer recipes because it’s the best way to make a meal when you’re crunched for time. 

I was once exactly where you are…

I totally get what you’re experiencing, because I’ve been there myself. When I first began sharing our favorite family recipes in 2014 I was a busy working Mom to two teenagers (aka The Girl & The Boy). In addition to being a stressed out Mom (because hey, teenagers!), we were in the middle of tough financial times.

I struggled on the daily to figure out what to cook. And making sure I had all the ingredients on hand to make the recipe. And it had to be affordable. It.was.hard.

Which brings us to today 

My home life looks a little different. The Teens are now young adults living on their own (boy that was fast!). My husband and I, with our 4-pound rescue Yorkie (Callie, aka the Boss), are empty nesters in the beautiful Colorado mountains. 

And while I don’t have kids at home these days, I’m still dedicated to helping busy parents like you take the stress out of mealtime.

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