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Pantry Challenge 2019 Week Three Recap

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We just wrapped up Week Three of Pantry Challenge 2019.  I’m sharing our meals, grocery trip and challenges.

Pantry Challenge 2019 Week Three Recap

Week Three was an uneventful end to our Pantry Challenge. We didn’t run out of food. The whining was minimal. And we saved more money. I couldn’t ask for more.

As described in my initial Pantry Challenge 2019 post, I prefer to do a 3 week Challenge. While I admire those who carry on for a longer duration, it’s just not for me.

And that’s OK. You’ve got to do what works for YOU!  

I’m thankful the menu options were abundant this week. Who wants to create a meal out of funky, random ingredients anyway? Not me!

And, we resisted the temptation to eat out this week. We don’t eat out often (1-2 times a week) but it still presents a significant amount of savings compared to eating at home.

Look for the summary of our Pantry Challenge experience next week. I’ll be sharing the good and the bad, to help you decide if a Pantry Challenge is right for you.

Pantry Challenge 2019 Week 3 Recap Feature | A Reinvented Mom


What We Ate This Week:

The menu was loaded with family favorite meals this week. It’s the best way to ensure my people don’t whine. As a bonus, these meals are easy to prepare and provide leftovers. This busy, working Mama appreciates easy meals AND leftovers.

On the menu this week:

Monday  – Breakfast for Dinner (pancakes & sausage) 

Tuesday – Spaghetti with meat sauce (I used pre-cooked ground beef from the freezer), salad and garlic bread

Wednesday – Roasted salmon and asparagus

Thursday – Leftovers 

Friday – Sheet pan turkey kielbasa and potatoes, strawberries

Saturday – Leftovers

BEST roast ever!! Slow Cooker Mississippi Pot Roast | www.AReinventedMom.com

Sunday – Mississippi Pot Roast (aka The Best Pot Roast on the Planet!), mashed potatoes, rolls

Breakfasts – cereal, yogurt, eggs

Lunches – salad, cheese & crackers, hot dogs

Blueberry Boy Bait is a pan of buttery goodness loaded with sweet, juicy blueberries. | A Reinvented Mom #blueberryboybait

Snacks – Blueberry Boy Bait, granola bars, fruit 

Grocery Shopping:

I went a little over budget this week – by 58 cents. Frankly I’m OK with the overage – it’s minimal. I picked up a few cartons of eggs for 99-cents and the usual fresh produce, milk and bread.

And I scored FREE bakery cookies and a case of water. I love getting free stuff!

Week Three Observations:

  • The oven was (still!) out of commission the first few days of this week so no baking going on here. It’s funny that almost every meal and snack I wanted to make during this time required baking – gah!  
  • Most of the meals I prepared this week were family favorites. Family favorite meals = less grumbling. And, they also gave us a decent amount of leftovers. I like to designate a leftover night (or two) each week. It’s a great way to make sure food doesn’t go to waste and it’s less work for me since I don’t have to cook. A win all the way around.
  • After 3 weeks of Pantry Challenge, I assumed we’d make a significant dent in the food supplies. That didn’t happen. I’m shocked at how much food we have left in the freezers and pantry. I could potentially carry on with the Pantry Challenge for another month. But I won’t.

I’d love to hear how you are doing with the Pantry Challenge 2019. Feel free to share your wins and challenges in the Comments below or post to my Facebook page.

Have a beautiful day!

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