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Stocking Stuffers for Teen Boys


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Trying to find stocking stuffers for teen boys can be a challenge. They are notoriously hard to shop for. And picky. So today we’re sharing our best teen boy approved gifts.

When it comes to filling your teen’s stockings you may want to consider following the same approach I use for Easter baskets by using non-candy fillers.

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Best Stocking Stuffers for Teen Boys

Here are a few fun gift ideas to fill your teen’s Christmas stockings. From everyday essentials to memorable future heirlooms, they are sure to please your teen boy.


Every teen needs a set of headphones to help drown out the world and lose themselves in music. Listening to music is a valuable tool for mental health and it’s a great way to pass the time.

Tucking a new set of headphones in your teen’s stocking will give them the freedom to enjoy their favorite music without complaints. I suggest choosing a pair that can be used wirelessly or with a cord for the most versatility.

Bluetooth beanie

While headphones make a great gift, another option for your teen’s stocking is a Bluetooth-powered beanie. The beanie allows him to listen to music while keeping warm.

And you can select a design that fits your teen’s individual style. Simply choose one in your son’s favorite color and rest assured you can’t go wrong with this stocking stuffer.

Phone and device chargers

Both guy and teen girl stockings should include device chargers that match their electronic devices. On the surface this may seem like a boring gift.

But remember how frustrated your teen gets when he can’t find a working charger. And how many times has he taken off with yours? Just go ahead and grab a multi-pack of cords and a base – you’ll thank me later.


I believe every boy (and girl!) should have a multi-purpose tool on hand. These make a great stocking stuffer for teen boys because there is a gadget for almost every situation.

These handy tools often come in sets during the holidays and may include other fun tools like flashlights. And it’s one of the more useful items your teen may utilize for years to come.

Temporary tattoo pens

Giving your teen a fun way to express their creativity is always appreciated. Temporary tattoo pens with stencils give teens a wonderful tool for exploring body art in a safe and temporary way. And it may help curb the desire for a more permanent version they’ll regret later.

Art supplies

Everyone needs a safe place to express themselves artistically. It’s a simple way to keep your teen entertained and it’s great for mental health. And it also allows them to unplug from electronic devices.

I recommend including things like sketch pads and colored pencils in nice tin cases for stocking stuffers. The case keeps the pencils contained and makes for easy storage.

Pro Tip: pick up discount art supplies on clearance during the back-to-school sales. If you missed those sales you can still find great deals at most major retailers.

Fidget toys

Fidget toys make great stocking stuffers for teen boys due to their smaller size. These small but mighty toys are a focus aid for easily distracted teens and helps to keep their hands busy. Look for newer fidgets that do more than the older spinner styles.

Grooming sets

We focus a lot on self-care for our teen girls, but the young men in our lives need to learn how to take care of themselves too. A shaving set or facial hair care set if your teen is growing his facial hair will help to encourage them to take care of themselves.

Like facial hair care, teen boys should learn how to care for their skin. Getting your teen a skincare set is a great way to encourage them to make efforts at self care despite the fact that it may seem uncool at their age.

Gift cards

When choosing stocking stuffers for your teens consider providing gift cards to favorite places to shop and eat. Teens love the freedom to make their own purchases and dining decisions and gift cards give them the ability to make these choices.

They are also great gifts for teens who are picky about what they receive. Similar to selecting graduation gifts, choose cards from stores that will help them in the upcoming months.

Take advantage of gift card discount sites and local sales to save money on gift cards to use as stocking stuffers. Many restaurants offer additional incentives for gift card purchases during the holidays, helping to stretch your Christmas budget.

Holiday ornament

Gifting your teen with a new themed ornament each year is a great way to build a memorable heirloom Christmas ornament set. Your teen will appreciate having these mementos to remember special milestones while decorating their trees as adults.

Look for something that represents a big event that happened or one of your teen’s passions for the year. This shows your teen that you pay attention to them and what matters most to them.

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