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50+ Non Candy Easter Basket Ideas for Teens and Tweens (2024)


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Say goodbye to the sugar overload this Easter with these non-candy Easter basket ideas for teens and tweens. Think outside the basket this season and give Easter gifts your older kids actually want!

I started the Easter basket tradition of including non-candy gifts when my kids were younger. But when my kids hit the teen and tween years it became more of a challenge to find goodies to fill their baskets. 

Although Easter isn’t like Christmas or birthdays, it’s still a fun holiday to give gift baskets filled with small gifts and trinkets that your kids will love. And these Easter gifts for teens and tweens will take sugar out of the equation.

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Non-Candy Easter Baskets for Teens and Tweens

When it comes to creating the ultimate Easter basket for teens, ditch the sugar. Sure, candy is great, but there are plenty of non-candy Easter basket ideas that provide twice the fun.

I like to stuff these vessels so they’re bursting at the seams, just like a Christmas stocking. To find the perfect Easter basket fillers, you’ll want to think about little gifts that bring your child joy, zeroing in his or her interests, hobbies and favorite things.

You can also give gifts that encourage sharing or community. And gift cards are always a great idea because they can provide a means to have an experience and create memories.

Homemade Easter treats for baskets

closeup view of two mini egg Rice Krispie treats stacked on a white plate.

Select a couple special treats to tuck into the Easter baskets, like Mini Egg Rice Krispie Treats, Rice Krispie Nests, Mini Egg Cookie Bars, Bunny Bait Snack Mix or Cadbury Mini Egg Brownies. Package goodies in decorative cello bags or order decorated cookies from your local bakery for a fun touch.

About this Guide to the Best Non-Candy Easter Baskets Kids Actually Want

In this guide to Easter basket filler ideas, I’ll give you an array of amazing Easter gift ideas for teens and tweens that your kid will actually want. Before you fill up your basket, think about what your teen or tween likes. 

Are they into music? Sports? Beauty? Games? Fashion? Or theme your basket to one of your teen’s favorite hobbies.

FUN FACT: According to the National Retail Federation, over 2.6 BILLION dollars will be spent on Easter candy! Mind blowing, isn’t it?!

We all know that teens and tweens put social interactions above all else. Fill their Easter baskets with items that involve their friends such as movie theater gift cards, or a fun card game. 

Avoid silly trinkets and junky toys that will clutter the house or items that encourage phone time. Instead, come up with Easter basket filler ideas that are either useful or entice your teen and tween to get out of the house and have fun.

These gifts are approved by my Teens, so you can shop with confidence. And you’ll come up with some great filler ideas that your kiddos will actually love.

Whether you’re shopping early or waiting for the last minute, you’re sure to find something your older kids will love.

Who Would Enjoy These Easter Basket Ideas?

You’ll find a little something for all of your older kids:

  • tween girls
  • tween boys
  • teen girls
  • teen boys
  • college students
  • big & small budgets

Best Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas for Tweens, Teens & College Students

These Easter basket stuffers are for most older children. You know your kid best – select items that are appropriate to their age and interests.

Easter Basket Ideas for College Students & Driving Teens

These Easter basket stuffers are geared towards older teens of driving age and college students. I guarantee your college-aged child will appreciate receiving a holiday package of goodies from home.

Tips for Creating an Awesome Easter Basket for Teens and Tweens

Do yourself a favor – set a budget. Like all fun things in life, it’s easy to overspend if you don’t set a budget. And you can put together an impressive basket for your older kids without spending a fortune.

Decide if you want to purchase 1-2 larger/expensive items or a bunch of smaller gifts. I’ve found that older kids appreciate quality over quantity, so don’t rule out a high value item if your budget allows. 

If you don’t have Easter baskets, get creative – use a pretty basket or bucket. I’ve also seen some colorful plastic storage bins at Target that would work well.

Select a couple of special treats to tuck into the Easter baskets, especially if you’re sending a care package to your college student. Package a batch of homemade Bunny Bait snack mix in decorative cello bags or order decorated cookies from your local bakery for a fun touch.

If you are creating an Easter basket for a college student, skip the basket and fill a shipping box with Easter grass and all the goodies. USPS Flat-rate Priority boxes can be an affordable way to send the package, and it usually arrives in 2-3 days.

What are your go-to Easter basket stuffers? Do you pack them full of candy or do you lean towards non-candy Easter basket ideas?

​I hope you find this list of non-candy Easter basket ideas helpful. While your teens and tweens may be too old for an Easter egg hunt they are sure to love all the goodies you pile into their baskets.

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